Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAC adventure & skin care

me & a couple of girlfriends made apts. to get our make-up done @ MAC. it was to promote the spring collections so we were all pretty pumped. the MA who did my friends make-up did a smokey eye which looked AHmaze on her..but didn't have anything to do with the bright pink or corals for spring. the girl who did my make-up was new & i didn't end up buying any of the make-up she used on me...she gave me cleopatra eyes. i felt awkward. i did end up picking up some of the skin care she used on me. first, she put on a skin softening lotion, i instantly fell in love. she also used the MAC gel charged water - i now use that religiously as part of my night time skin care routine. that's pretty much it, i'm stoked for 'Hey Sailor' how is this collex not literally designed with me in mind?!

i've also become consumed with skin care, i have a routine i stick to 100%. i'll attach a photo of my favorites!


i think i have too much blush..

i don't have the heart to use it...