Monday, December 19, 2011

The 27 Club Won't Know What Hit It!

It was my bee-day yesterday! Boyfriend planned this bad-ass day at the Aquarium (I love anything that has to do with animals) We did the Sea Lion Encounter. A trainer took us into a room and gave us a little presentation about the seal lions (habitat) & then led us on a behind the scenes adventure! We got to go 'up close' to seals and HAND FEED Sea Lions! my heart melted! They wouldn't let us take any photos but i'm slowly getting over that :) after the best day EVER, we went to The Naam, Vegetarian restaurant that either of us had ever eaten at before. The fries & miso gravy were so good!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off the beaten path.

On Saturday we hiked around Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, normally, living around a rain forest, we keep to the paths (there are tons of cougars & bears here) We decided to take the path less traveled - and I'm pretty happy that we did! We found 2 wooden couches & a coffee table in the middle of the woods!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MAC tag!

How long have you been using MAC? 6 years.
First MAC product? a teal mineralize eye shadow & strobe tint
All-time favorite MAC product? studio fix foundation
Least favorite MAC product? liquid foundations
Do you own a Pro card? of course!
What is your MAC foundation shade? nw 15 when im tanned C4 when i'm pastier
Eye shadow? vanilla
Paint Pot? bare study
Cream Colour Base? Pearl
Liquid Liner? boot black - its permanent
Eye Pencil/Kohl? lord it up pearl glide. HG!!!
Fluidline? avenue
Mascara? zoomlash

Lipstick formula? Cremesheen or glaze or lustre :)
Lipstick shade? beach bound, lazy day, gaga, blankety...
Lipglass/Dazzleglass/Cremesheen Glass/Lustreglass/Plushglass? cremesheen & plushglass
Lip Pencil shade? i dont use or like lip pencils
Lip Conditioner? petting pink <3

Primer? i dont use primers, and the MAC one definitely didnt work for me.
Foundation? studio fix powder
Concealer? Studio Sculpt Concealer

Blush? my highland honey
Cremeblend Blush? Ladyblush
Highlight? pearl & MSF - crystal pink
Cream Colour Base? Pearl
Contour? harmony blush
Bronzer? i hate MAC bronzers, way too shimmery.

Eye brush? 224
Face brush? i dont use one!
Blush brush? 128
Contour brush? 168
Other? 208 for my brows :) 179 - best. buffer. brush. ever!

Pigment? vanilla & melon
Glitter? Reflects pearl
Skincare? cleanse off oil
Nailpolish? bad fairy & malibu peach

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plushglass, I love you!

I've tried almost every MAC gloss there is: Lipglass, Dazzelglass, Superglass, Kissable Lipcolor, Dazzelglass Creme, Lustreglass, Lipgelee, Tinted Lipglass, Dare To Wear Lipglass, Tinted Conditioner, Cremesheen Glass (second favorite)...I never felt the need for Plushglass. They look just like Lipglass, aren't limited edition & apparently plump up your lips (which is something I don't need)

With Quite cute, there's four Limited Edition Plushglass, I bought I ♥ U & Bubble Tea. ILOVEITSOMUCH,SOSTOKEDONPLUSHGLASS! I went to MAC & picked up Candy Yum Yum & I ♥ U. I didn't think I really need these colours, after seeing/reading reviews on the collection, I thought I wouldn't buy anything.

I put I ♥ U on in the car and few in love! there was a cooling sensation on my lips and then they got pouty! not overly pouty, at first...I immidiatly went back for more! The MA put a new Highlighter that just came out on my lips, then applied Bubble Tea. It looks really pretty - she also applied the highlighter under my eyes, it looked so much better than Benefits Eye Bright.

So, I bought Bubble Tea & Quite Cute! When I got to my car, my lips looked like I had botox, soooo attractive! yea! nice & fake! haha! They actually looked like Jeff Lewis lips, which is fine, just not what I want! If you apply Plushglass, only do one coat or you will look ridiculous.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Goodies!

This morning I received an email from Sephora informing me that Cake Beauty was launching a Strawberry Shortcake line...TODAY! I imminently went to the Sephora website to stalk but couldn't find anything..maybe this is because Cake Beauty is a Canadian brand and only releasing the L/E collection in Canada? Who knows. After work, I headed to Metrotown (the busiest, craziest, most insane worst use of space mall in BC) to check out the collection, test the products out and see if they were actually worth the $. It's still February so, I have a ton of bath & lotions left over from Christmas that I have yet to use so purchasing more seems pretty redundant and I will only buy more if it is necessary.

This collection is clearly necessary.

I bought everything! I needed it! My old favorite body lotion was Philosophys "Beach Girl" still an amazing lotion, Cake Beauty is much arms and hands feel like silk.

Cake descibes the scent as warm vanilla cake, cream and fresh strawberries. MMMMM! I don't smell the vanilla, it's more like strawberry yogurt with sugar. It's so,so good. I've been using the lip conditioner all evening, it's much nicer than the MAC one I use. It's sheer but has that strawberry scent that I'm now obsessed with. I really hope Cake Beauty to come out with a perfume or a body spritzer is this intoxicating strawberry smell! I tried the bubble bath tonight with a Lush bath melt in MMM Melting Marshmellow Moment. PINK HEAVEN! the bath melt made the water so creamy while the Starwberry Shortcake bubble bath gave it that strawberry yogurt smell. Not going to lie, I loved it!

Perfect end to the day. I had about 4 hours sleep last night - it was worth it, I saw Best Coast and I officially have a new girl crush (it used to be Zooey Deschanel, it is now, Bethany Cosentino. Swoooon <3)

Check out their video, it has bad ass cats!

Monday, January 3, 2011

sailor nail polish!

Temptalia just posted about China Glaze's new collection: ANCHORS AWAY. I don't even know...none of the colors stand out to me..& I should probably be saving my money for things I really, really want. How can I not buy everything with names like: Hey Sailor, Ahoy!, Below Deck, First Mate etc, etc?! On a side note, I skipped Naughty Nauticals by MAC - I was living in Winnipeg where it was COLD, I never dreamed I would live by the ocean I skipepd it because I didn't need that constant reminder. I regret that decision!

Also, were in the middle of spring cleaning! it's +8 c. the sun is shining, the mountains looks lovely and the sea is calling my name!