Friday, December 31, 2010


We (my boyfriend, our puppy, Frankenstein & new love, Sadie (SPCA rescue!) have decided to spend New Years @ home (well, at my moms house in Kelowna) We drive back to Vancouver tomo morning! Stoked to be seaside!

We rolled our truck just outside of Kelowna about a week ago, so we spent x-mas day in Emergency :( all of our pets are okay! Once were back in Vancouver, I'll be hunting for a Jeep - I really want either a Sahara or TJ - puuurfect for Surf Trips to Tofino!

I'm still pretty sore so my plan tonite is to use a whole, yes whole! Lush Bubble Bar (Candy Cane) & have a relaxing night in the tub. Hope everyone had a great holiday...back to work next weeeeeek!

PS - Anyone else excited for the Peacocky collection?

Here's my list:

centre stage
top of the posh

flaunting it


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


SO EXCITED! I wasn't sure that it would be limited edition packaging, but it isssss! Hopefully the brush sets are of MAC quality & not the cheap scratchy LE brush sets that come out a couple of times a year, I hate those! Even if the quality is horrible, I will probably buy the set - just for the gold bag! <3

Saturday, December 11, 2010


IT SNOWED IN VANCOUVER! for one day it was beautiful! then, it rained..and were back with our usual spring weather...I have pics to prove it!

and here's a photo of the sunshine coast @ about 8.40 this morning!

I have been working like CRAZY - still have a week left until my holidays begin but I found some time for updates! yay! I'm on Vancouver Island right now, my boyfriend & I are getting tattoos @ Bully Boy - check them out, seriously the best tattoo artist (Jory Helmes) & fully worth the 5.30 am wake up on my one day off and 1.5 hour ferry ride :) I'll post pics of what we get soon, just waiting for them to heal. bad.ass.

I've been buying a lot of make-up (like usual) but I have an excuse - I was able to make a few purchases from the Sephora Friends & Family Sale where I picked up a Clarisonic (FINALLY) well worth the money, my skin is so soft! I also managed to get a $20 gift card and another 10% off so you know, I went kinda crazy...the only products that I'm loving are the NARS Galapogos single eye shadow, and the Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in oil slick.

I picked up the Philosophy Cleanser & Clinique Oil free gel, but I haven't decided if I like them or not..I'll have to use them for another couple of weeks.

The MAC xmas collection was amazing! I have no idea how I ever lived without pearl glide eyeliners before - I only bought the navy blue & brown one, but I'm smitten with both! Both of the blushes (her blooming cheek & highland honey) are pretty stellar as well..I don't even remember what all I bought, I know I got the gray single eyeshadow (castle something) and a coral that I'm going to be stoked on in the summer..there was so much, I totally forget :) OH the pink mineralize kit is great, it's definatly one of my favs & gave me a chance to try out MAC's new mascara (that has replaced Benefits Bad gal) OH AND THE PIGMENT SETS <3 ahhh!

I also decided to try the MAC matte cream - it works! I have the oiliest skin of life & I heard good things about this product, my skin still gets oily around 2 PM but nothing like it would if I wasn't using this product.