Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plushglass, I love you!

I've tried almost every MAC gloss there is: Lipglass, Dazzelglass, Superglass, Kissable Lipcolor, Dazzelglass Creme, Lustreglass, Lipgelee, Tinted Lipglass, Dare To Wear Lipglass, Tinted Conditioner, Cremesheen Glass (second favorite)...I never felt the need for Plushglass. They look just like Lipglass, aren't limited edition & apparently plump up your lips (which is something I don't need)

With Quite cute, there's four Limited Edition Plushglass, I bought I ♥ U & Bubble Tea. ILOVEITSOMUCH,SOSTOKEDONPLUSHGLASS! I went to MAC & picked up Candy Yum Yum & I ♥ U. I didn't think I really need these colours, after seeing/reading reviews on the collection, I thought I wouldn't buy anything.

I put I ♥ U on in the car and few in love! there was a cooling sensation on my lips and then they got pouty! not overly pouty, at first...I immidiatly went back for more! The MA put a new Highlighter that just came out on my lips, then applied Bubble Tea. It looks really pretty - she also applied the highlighter under my eyes, it looked so much better than Benefits Eye Bright.

So, I bought Bubble Tea & Quite Cute! When I got to my car, my lips looked like I had botox, soooo attractive! yea! nice & fake! haha! They actually looked like Jeff Lewis lips, which is fine, just not what I want! If you apply Plushglass, only do one coat or you will look ridiculous.

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