Saturday, October 2, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains PART 2!

So last night I decided that I needed the other 2 lipsticks that I passed on @ the launch party (Sinister & Dark Deed)...I was 100% sure that everything would be sold out - EVERYTHING WAS STILL THERE! well, except for Toxic Tale & a couple of the nail polishes. So I picked up the beauty powder in Oh So Fair, Dark Deed & Sinister Lipstick.

If you live in or around Vancouver, goto Metrotown, they have most everything!

I've been playing around with everything for over a week now and feel that the must haves are:

Bad Fairy Nail Polish
Formidable! Nail Polish
Wrong Spell Lipglass
Melon Pigment
Heartless Lipstick
Wicked Ways Lipstick
Her Own Devices Beauty Powder
Toxic Tale Lipstick
Strange Potion Lipglass

I bought Melon pigment in the summer and I fell in love with it! I'm an NW20-NW25 with a tan and its soooo pretty as a highlight! (I've been using Vanilla Pigment as a highlight now since my 'tan' faded.)

Also, if you were able to pick up Cunning Lipstick from the felines collection, I think it looks really nice under wrong spell lipglass. yes!

Even though the packaging sucks, everyone should give these colors a try, super unique and pretty!

I really wish the had included Ursula instead of Dr.Facilier...he doesn't fit in with this collection....I LOVE THE LITTLE MERMAID!

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